2024 Equestrian Easter Basket Ideas for Horse Lovers

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Crafting the ultimate horse lover's Easter basket is easy, and we've put everything in one place to help inspire you to put together fun and unique baskets for your loved ones. Easter baskets aren't just for kids either! They make wonderful hostess gifts for the Easter brunch, gifts for your horse trainer, fundraiser baskets for your favorite cause, or just festive ways to show gratitude to people you care for. And to all the moms of adult children...We still want an Easter basket, haha!

Easter baskets don't need to be extravagant, because in the end, it's really the thought and effort you put into it that counts! So we put together a list of some of our favorite items to put in an Easter basket, no matter your budget. So let's get started!

Budget Friendly Easter Basket Ideas

You don't have to spend a ton to make someone feel loved. For this basket, we wanted to put together something that was fun, functional, and budget friendly!

We found this macrame basket at our local Marshalls store on clearance for $6 and lined it with one of our horse-themed cotton napkins, just to give it that extra pony magic. It's perfect to store small items like cosmetics or coffee pods in after the holiday, too! The basket is small, so you can make it look full without needing a ton of items. Fill it with candy and a few small items like horse stickers or pony pins to keep the cost under $20.

If you have an iced coffee lover in your life *raises hand* this size basket would be perfect to pair a Glass Tumbler with some ground coffee and mini flavored syrups in. As an adult who still wants an Easter basket from their mother (lol) a small coffee-themed basket with horses on it would be a total win.

Equestrian easter basket for horse lovers of all ages
Easter baskets are a way to show love and appreciation.

We put the following items in the pictured basket, with a total cost of just $39.85!

Easter Basket Gifts for Horse-Crazy Kids

Horse kids love their horses. When I was a kid, my horse love was at it's highest levels...Before I knew about vet bills and such...My love for horses was so pure! So naturally, I only wanted horse stuff, and my mom's Easter baskets did not disappoint.

When looking for horse-themed Easter basket gifts for kids, equestrian coloring books or activity books are a sure win, and only cost $14.95! We have a bundle of both books together for 20% off , so you can get both for just $23.98.

Horse stickers are always fun too. Kids can put these stickers on their water bottle, or lunchbox (and hopefully not on the inside of your car window) to show all their friends at school how much they love horses. We have a collection of 10 different horse stickers , priced at $3 each, or a bundle of seven stickers for $16.80.

equestrian gift ideas for horse lovers, easter basket coloring books with horses

Gifts for Horse-Crazy Kids

  • Coloring + Activity Books: Be creative and learn about horses, tack and equipment. $14.95
  • Horse Stickers: Customize grooming tools, water bottles and  lunchboxes...with horses! $3
  • Pony Pins: Every kid's backpack needs a little flair to stand out on the playground! $10.25

horse stickers for equestrian easter basket, gifts for horse lovers

Grown Up Easter Baskets

Horse-themed Easter baskets aren't just for the kids at the Easter egg hunt. They make great gifts for grown ups, too!

  • Hostess Gifts: Bring and Easter basket filled with home +kitchen goods for the host or hostess of the Easter Brunch to thank them for their generosity.
  • Fundraiser Auction: Donate an EqEaster basket to your favorite nonprofit as a unique auction item to raise funds.
  • Barn Gifts: Thank your trainer, grooms, or barn friends with a little basket of goodies. They are family after all!
  • Your Adult Kids: Yes we still want Easter baskets, lol! (Mom I hope you're reading this!)
equestrian easter basket idea, horse lover easter basket gift ideas
We practice our 20m circles with jelly beans and chocolate eggs.

Priced at just $19.95, this mini bamboo cutting board is one of our top sellers. And guess what...There's a big one too. Charcuterie anyone?

dressage cutting board for easter basket gift for equestrians and horse lovers.

Equestrian weekly planners help you find that horse/life balance.

Your life with horses just got easier. Share the gift of organization to your fellow horse lover with our weekly planners. They are a great backer for your gift baskets and help support everything else inside for a perfect presentation, and useful gifts are always good gifts.

equestrian planners and calendars for horse lovers easter basket
Reusable Bamboo Fiber Sponges for Home + Barn

These unique sponges are the perfect addition to any Easter gift basket. They're small, affordable, cute, and sustainable. The best part, is they're made of bamboo fiber, so they are naturally anti-microbal...and machine washable too! 

While they're great in the kitchen, they're even better at the barn! The front has scrubbing power for dirty bits, but the back is soft, black terrycloth so it will clean your delicate leather...and not get brown leather stains all over it!

dressage cutting board for easter basket gift for equestrians and horse lovers.

Iced coffee now has more horsepower.

Our glass tumblers are trending...Horse people do love their coffee! Our glass tumblers are perfect for making iced coffee at home, and the bamboo lid and straw will help make sure you don't spill it all over your car lol. We hand-press each tumbler in house and engrave "Ride Happy" on all the lids. Just a little reminder to enjoy the ride.

Pony Pins for Bags, Jackets, Hats ...Whatevs!

A little flair is always fun, especially for the enamel pin collectors (guilty!) Pins are fun, small, affordable, and make really nice gifts either by themselves or as part of an Easter Basket. 

Our Pony Pins match with other items in our collection, so you can make the whole set! Or, you can get some of our curated bundles and save 20% off. Win!

paper coasters and equestrian drink tumbler for horse lovers.

Sustainable Easter Gifts

Without a healthy planet, there's no horses! We want to make sure that our horses have grass to graze on, trees to shade them, water to drink, and air to breathe. That's why we're committed to bringing more sustainable products into our collection. 

Our sustainable gifts not only help our planet by being reusable and biodegradable, but they're also made of renewable resources. The Easter bunny approves!

eco-friendly and sustainable gifts for equestrians and horse lovers, what to put in horse lover easter basket

Table Settings for Entertaining + Gifting

Our table settings were designed for fun. Sold in sets of four, our reusable bamboo fiber plate sets and 100% cotton napkin and placemat sets are just right for outdoor parties and family get-togethers. 

They're also the perfect grown up Easter basket set. Our Customizable Table Setting Bundle lets you mix and match our different patterns to create a giftable set of plates, napkins and placemats - And we'll take 20% off the whole set!

Everything will fill a basket nicely, and any horse lover will squeal with delight (we've seen it happen!) 

If you're looking for more, we have an entire line of equestrian themed home goods like Tea Towels, Sponges, Swedish Dishcloths, Cutting Boards and assorted gifts for horse lovers.

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