Top 10 Useful and Unique Horse Show Prizes + Year End Equestrian Awards

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Whether you're trotting into the winner's circle or galloping towards a year-end accolade, the thrill of equestrian competition is unparalleled. But what truly sets these events apart are the prizes awaiting champions and participants alike. From custom keepsakes to practical treasures, here are the ten best horse show prizes and equestrian year-end awards that are sure to delight riders of all ages!

1. Custom Glass Tumblers

Sip in style with personalized glass tumblers, complete with eco-friendly bamboo lids and straws. Not only do they keep your beverages looking instagram-worthy, but they also serve as a cherished memento of your triumphs in the arena.

We offer custom designs with no additional fee, so send us your logo and we will come up with a fun and unique design just for your show series, barn or association. With low minimums and 40% off discount for horse shows, they're a great horse show prize, year end award, or promotional item for your equestrian club or association. 

These custom tumblers are also great branded fundraising tools for your next silent auction...Or you can sell them for a profit to help support your show series or club endeavors. 

And best for last, they are all hand-pressed in sunny Southern California, so you can help support a small, horse-crazy business at the same time!

Customizable Horse Show prizes and equestrian year-end awards. Custom glass tumblers for horse show prize.
Send us your logo and any information you want included, and we will create and exclusive, custom design for your horse show series of equestrian club.

We made some custom bundles of horse show prizes and offer them at 40%-70% off retail pricing with free shipping, for horse show organizers only!

Want to shop a la carte? Use promo code HORSESHOW at checkout for 40% off + free shipping on orders over $250 for horse show organizers ONLY. (Bundles are excluded, as they're already discounted.)

2. Custom Engraved Cutting Boards

Elevate your kitchen décor with a custom engraved cutting board, showcasing your latest horse show victory. Practical yet elegant, it's a timeless reminder of your achievements both in and out of the ring.

Our custom cutting board minimums start at just five boards, and we offer three different sizes to fit your budget. We can customize these bamboo cuttingboards with logos, class/division names, custom courses...Anything you want!

Because we handmake each board in-house in our Southern California studio, the sky is the limit! And you can feel good knowing that you're supporting a small business while getting unbeatable pricing for your next equestrian event.

equestrian gift ideas for horse lovers, easter basket coloring books with horses

Customization Ideas

  • Show Logo and Division: Keep it simple with a classy logo and championship name...and sponsor logos too!
  • Finals Course: Your secret is safe with us...Send us your course for finals and we will engrave it on the board (and keep it top-secret till show day!)
  • Make it Fun: Give us an idea, and we can make something fun and unique that your winners will be proud to display (and use!)
horse stickers for equestrian easter basket, gifts for horse lovers

3. Small Gifts in Bulk

Goodie bags, gift baskets, or split them up...Get small horse show prizes in bulk!

  • Individual Prizes: Bulk packages of gift items to spread out for your prize table. No matter your budget, we can find a set of items to meet your needs and keep your riders happy!
  • Fundraiser Auction: Put items together to create unique and colorful equestrian gift baskets for your next raffle or silent auction club fundraiser.
  • Goodie Bags: Bundle multiple items together to make special goodie bags for your blue-ribbon winners.
  • Thank You Gifts: Say thank you to the team of volunteers who help make your shows special.
blue ribbon rosette for horse show prize
4. Homegoods Bundles in Bulk

Make it easy and choose one of our assorted bundles of homegoods including glass tumblers, tea towels and swedish dishcloths.

Choose from assorted sets of 50, 100 or 250 pieces depending on the size of your horse show or equestrian event.

Bulk horse show prize bundles for schooling shows to large events.

5. 100 Bulk Tea Towels for 50% off with Free Shipping

Yes you read that right! Stock up on essentials with a bulk set of tea towels, perfect for keeping your home and stable clean and tidy. And with a generous discount, it's an unbeatable deal for any discerning equestrian, with enough horse show prizes for all!

Bulk equestrian tea towels for horse show prizes and equestrian year end awards.

6. 50 Bulk Horse Stickers for 70% Off + Free Shipping

Adorn your notebooks, water bottles, and tack trunks with horse stickers, all at an incredible discount. Whether you're a seasoned competitor or a budding enthusiast, these stickers are a fun and affordable way to showcase your passion for horses.

These vinyl stickers are great small prizes for schooling shows, fun giveaways, and great add-on items for equestrian gift baskets and goodie bag prizes at your next horse show.

bulk sticker pack for horse show and equestrian club or association prizes and awards

7. Funny Horse Show Prizes

Embrace the lighter side of horse shows and celebrate the "oopsies." Our iconic Fall Off Club™ pin is perfect for commemorating those unforgettable moments in (and then out) of the saddle, it's a playful reminder that even champions have their off days.

Fall Off Club Pin for falling off horse.

8. Reusable Sponges

​These eco-friendly, machine washable, anti-microbal sponges are not just super-duper cute..they're useful! One side has a fun equestrian-themed design with a scrubby surface, and the back is a black terry cloth which is PERFECT for dusting off boots and tack before jumping into the show ring.
reusable sponges for cleaning tack, great horse show prize!
paper coasters and equestrian drink tumbler for horse show prizes and equestrian awards.

9. Weekly Planners + Coloring Books

Stay organized both in and out of the barn with weekly planner notepads. With ample space for jotting down riding schedules, competition dates, and training notes, it's the perfect companion for any busy equestrian, and another very useful horse show prize!

Coloring Books That Are Great for Horse Camps Too: Unleash your inner artist with coloring books that celebrate all things horses. These coloring books provide hours of creative enjoyment, making them a must-have for horse camps, rainy days, and killing time for that good ole' "hurry up and wait" on show day.

eco-friendly and sustainable gifts for equestrians and horse lovers, what to put in horse lover easter basket

10. Table Settings for Entertaining

Out with the silver platters, in with the horse-themed dining sets!

Our table settings were designed for horse shows and outdoor use, so they are a useful and fun horse show prize to keep in the horse trailer for the next show or equestrian tailgating event! 

If you're looking for mix-and-match sets, we have an entire line of equestrian themed home goods like Tea Towels, Sponges, Swedish Dishcloths, Cutting Boards and assorted gifts for horse lovers. For your big winners, they can stack up blue ribbons and collect the whole set too!

eco-friendly and sustainable horse show prizes and equestrian championship awards.

In the world of equestrian sport, victory is sweet, but the memories and mementos collected along the way are truly priceless. With these ten fun, unique, useful and inexpensive horse show prizes and equestrian year-end awards, every rider can celebrate their passion for horses in style. So saddle up, aim high, and let your journey to greatness begin!

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