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Hunt Seat Paper Co.

Neutrals Gift Wrap Bundle

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Neutral equestrian chic prints designed to mix and match. These three gift wrap rolls go with anything for any occasion and we love using the scraps to make our prezzies look extra special! We kind of think of these as a core collection since it's appropriate for any holiday, birthday or special event...and it's way fun to craft with too!

Check out our blog on How to Make DIY Bows out of Gift Wrap Scraps! with a free downloadable template.

Bundle and save 15%

What you get:

  • One Roll of Lucky Olive gift Wrap
  • One Roll of Lucky Slate Gift Wrap
  • One Roll of Cream Bits Gift Wrap

Rolls are three 20 x 29 inch sheets of 70lb gift wrapping and craft paper, rolled in a cellophane tube with branded sticker.

Proudly printed and packaged by hand in sunny California, USA.