Equestrian Mother's Day, A tribute to all the different kinds of barn moms.

10 Types of Barn Moms - An Equestrian Mother's Day Tribute

To the horse moms on mother's day. An ode to the barn moms.

Let's celebrate the 10 different types of barn moms

Biologically, or metaphorically.


Recently I've been seeing a lot of people expressing their feelings over Mother's Day. Some of us use it as a special day to spend with our moms, and some of us grieve. I see you.

It got me thinking about how even if our mother's are no longer with us for whatever reason...I think we all still have a barn mom, even if it's more symbolic than physical.

In my years of trying to disguise myself as a barn rat who never grew up...I've seen the support system we horse people build around each other. The women who lift us up.

I realized there are SO MANY different kinds of barn moms out there we all know and share....Even if they're not actually our "mom."

If you think I left one out, message me with the chat feature on huntseatpaperco.com...It's hooked up to my cell phone, and I love to chat! :)

Let's get to it...


10. The Team Mom

When I was a kid going to horse shows with my barn, there was always someone's mom to drive a group of nervous 12-year old girls to the show and help everyone get ready. "Alexis, do you have your show coat? Marissa, you remembered your stock pin, right? Sharlene, honey, do you want a Sunny D?"

Once at the show, it was the barn mom on duty rushing to the ingate for the walk/trot equitation on the flat class to dust everyone's boots and tack before they enter the ring. I can see her now in my head. She looks like Peggy from King of the Hill, with an oversized visor, rag in hand and groom bag with some Capri Suns slung over her shoulder.

Always the first to congratulate you on your victories, and there to dust your butt off when you walk out of the ring...on foot...in tears. She's not your mom, but she loves and supports you just the same. Thank you to all the Team Moms out there, you're an important part of everyone's lives. Keep lifting us up.


9. The "I'm Afraid of Horses but Support Your Dreams" Mom

Not everyone loves horses, it's understandable. Some moms are allergic, some are just genuinely skiddish around your big, dopey gelding. But that doesn't stop them from making sure you get to your lessons every week, listening with joy to your endless horse-talk, and supporting you every step of the way. They may not have any idea what you're babbling about, but they love to hear it nonetheless.


8. The Mother Hen (Your Trainer)

When you're at the barn almost every day...your barn peeps become family. It's always the trainers who run the show....Trainers are your barn mom. Listen to what they say, and don't give them any sass because they will turn your horse around and take your stirrups away for a month, Missy! But it's not because they're the mean boss lady...It's because they have your best interests in mind. They want you to be better, to succeed, to make your horsie dreams come true. Tough love. Like a mother hen, your trainer (aka barn mom) brings the family together and supports everyone the same...With love.


7. The "I'll Race You" Mom

If you ask me, the highest echelon of mother/daughter activities is riding horses. To those of us lucky enough to have a mom who can keep up with us stirrup-to-stirrup....Grab mane, your mom is a fast one! This one is for the moms who make sure you both have good horses...But Mommy gets the nicer one. Your mom isn't going to let you win, you've gotta work your way up and earn that blue ribbon fair and square! She challenges you to be the best, and is right there with you teaching you how it's done. I can see how there is high probability for "MOM OMG STOP!" moments here...but what better way to help you be your best than by setting a strong example and high jump standards for you. It's probably intense...but it's a love language.


6. The "We Share a Horse" Mom

Having multiple horses is a luxury. Sometimes, we just get one lucky horse for you and your mom to love on. Mom rides Monday Weds, Kid rides Tuesday, Friday, Saturday. When I was younger I shared a horse with my mom. His name was Quincy and he was a saint. Mom always let me ride him in the clinics, and I got to take him to all the horse shows. My mom gave all that up so I could have those experiences instead...But she didn't have to give up her barn time to do that. We shared....And let me tell you, Quincy was one lucky horse. Double the carrots, double the hugs. Thanks for sharing, mom.


5. The Shopaholic Mom

The coolest custom boots, the sparkly rhinestone helmet, all the newest riding apparel...This mom spares no expense to make you the trendiest kid at the barn. Gifts are definitely a love language lots of mom's have. A mother/daughter shopping trip to the local tack shop is always on the to-do list and their way of bonding with you. 


4. The LET'S DO THIS Mom

Level 10 enthusiasm all the way. This mom doesn't have to be your mom either. They just want you to go out there and get it and they will cheer you on all the way. Just like Vanilla Ice always says, "If there is a problem, yo I'll solve it." Can't find a mounting block? No worries, she'll give you a leg up right then and there. Forgot your tall boots at home? Don't sweat it, she's got a pair of polo wraps to wrap your calves so you don't get pinched by your stirrup leathers. She's ingenuitive, positive, and loves to PUMP YOU UP. Let's go babay! Mamma's gotta see her little fledgling fly!


3. The Bookish Mom

I can't even count how many moms I've seen sitting in a lawn chair under a tree reading a book or magazine while their barn kid has their fun. They don't help out or really participate...But they are there, and they wait patiently while their horse-crazy kid rides and cares for their horse. Maybe they're uninterested, or maybe they're giving you the freedom to be independent...But them giving you their time and doing it with a smile is quite a gift.


2. The BBF Mom

What is a BBF, you ask? Best Barn Friend. You know, that friend you can always count on for jokes on demand, a sounding board, a cheerleader, competitor, and if you get swamped they'll always cover for you on feed duty. I am fortunate enough to have my mom around when I need her...But if I didn't, I know that a good friend can step in when I need some unconditional support. While your BBF could never completely fill that role (and no one can), you're not alone, and you are loved.


1. My Mom

Maybe this is a biased opinion, but this is my website and my mom is Number 1. For my fifth birthday party, my mom got a real-life cowboy to come to our suburban home and give my friends and me pony rides in our front yard. As my birthday present, I got a month of riding lessons at a small, local barn. 32 years later, here I am...Always down for a pony ride. My mom truly gave me a dream childhood and I am so grateful for all of it, and all the horses along the way. Thanks mom.


BONUS: The Photographer Mom

This mom was sent to us by one of our readers, and we just had to add it in! I'd like to note, there are two kinds of photographer moms. First is the mom with the fancy DSLR camera who knows how to use it. Always taking professional-level photos of their barn kids. I know a few of these moms and am always so jealous they will have such stunning documentation of their journey through horseland.

Buy neigh....Let's keep it real. Most photographer moms are just there to snap pics, pics of everything! "Here's a photo of little Sally's calf in her stirrup. It's a little blurry. Here's another of her standing at the mounting block waiting to mount! This is what her brush box looks like!" Thank you mom for the documentary-style B-roll. But when you jump that oxer with perfect form and your horse has the cutest knees ever.....She missed that one. She also missed that nano-second when your horse had his ears perked forward so he looks like an angry donkey in all your photos. We need to teach photographer moms the "bounce around like a weirdo and wave a carrot in the air" trick to get those ears forward!

Whether you have the professional photographer mom, or the cell phone camera cowgirl mom...Be thankful you have someone who loves you enough to document your life in the saddle. Thanks mom!

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