12 Equestrian Holiday Bundles for Gift-Giving

12 Equestrian Holiday Bundles for Gift-Giving

Not sure what to get your barn buds for Christmas this year? No worries! We've curated a list of our favorite things and put them into 12 Holiday Bundles that will fit any budget and make any horse lover happy!

Does your barn do a Secret Santa at their annual holiday barn party? Going to a Christmas party at a barn friend's house and need the perfect hostess gift? Looking for stocking stuffers for your horse-crazy kid's stockings? Find it all, in a bundle, at up to 20% off!

Let's kick off the list with our favorite barn party Secret Santa gift...


1. Tack Cleaning Sponges Bundle

Bundle all three of our eco-friendly, biodegradable, machine-washable and totally reusable sponges and save 20%! Our sponges have a cute tack design printed on the front with a scrubby net cover, and have black terry cloth back to hide those pesky leather finish stains and leave your tack looking clean and buttery soft!  We love these sponges in our kitchen since they match with our other home and kitchen line....But they're pretty fabulous for tack, and make tack cleaning more fun too!


2. Coloring and Activity Book Bundle

Get off your phone and have some fun daydreaming about horses with 140 pages of equestrian coloring, puzzles, and activities. Each book has 70 pages of illustrations from all our favorite products over the years and are a fun way to kill some time while you wait for your class to start at the horse show, for the farrier to show up, or just when you're chilling at home cuddled up on the couch. Our books are printed in the USA and have been one of our top-selling products since we launched them....So it's safe to say, they'll be a hit as a gift for your horse-loving friends! Bundle them both together and save 20%!


3. Mix + Match Kitchen Bundles

We have not one, but two totally customizable kitchen bundles so you can jazz up your kitchen, or find the perfect ready-to-go gift for your barn pal. Mix and match your favorite Tea Towel, Swedish Dishcloth, and Reusable Sponge...and add a Cheese Board if you're feeling extra festive! Not only is this a great gift for yourself, but also an affordable and unique gift idea for horse lovers. Not to mention, it's kind of the ultimate hostess gift for all those holiday parties this year. Each custom bundle comes with 20% off built in...so bundle those gifts this year and save enough to bundle one for yourself!


4. The Ultimate Snaffle Bit Home + Kitchen Bundle

This one is for for all those matchy-matchy horse girls who love a full set! Dressage Diva gift ideas? We gotchu. Our best-selling snaffle bit pattern comes in a bunch of different products, so we bundled them all together and took 20% right off the top! Bundle a Snaffle Bit Tea Towel, Swedish Dishcloth, Reusable Sponge, Cutting Board, Matted Holographic Art Print and 100-Page Notepad and keep it! No, it's the season of giving...So gift it to your mom (If you're like me, you'll just steal it from mom later, haha!) Or, you could knock out your mom, trainer, and all your barn friends in one easy bundle, just split it up among friends to stretch that budget! Because also if you're like me....you're horse poor for life.


5. Quit Your Daydreaming, Get Ready for the New Year

Keep your focus while you're busy daydreaming about horses all day. Use our Weekly Planner notepad to schedule out your weeks, and use the matching notepad to jot down plans, grocery lists, or doodle pictures of horses (that's what we do.) We bundled these two together at 20% off to make a cute little gift idea for your trainer, barn friend, or anyone who loves horses, and they can use it to plan ahead for a brand new year...of horses!


6. Equestrian Holiday Gift Wrap for Christmas

Don't forget the presentation! Perfect gift-wrapping is the cherry on top of any gift, and the more effort you put in, the more special and personal the gift becomes. We bundled together our holiday horse-inspired gift wraps into one easy bundle and took 15% off the price! Each tube comes with three 20" x 29" sheets, which is the PERFECT size for garment boxes. Our gift wrap is printed and hand rolled in sunny California...and we hope you love it all as much as we do! BONUS: This paper is also awesome for crafting and DIY projects. We've had people use our gift wrap as shelf or drawer liners, scrapbooking and photo matting, and we even had one girl use it to line the inside of her tack trunk (and it looked awesome!)


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