12 of The Best Equestrian Greeting Cards & Horse Stationery

12 of The Best Equestrian Greeting Cards & Horse Stationery

Horses always work for any occasion. And if you really love horses....Or the person you're getting a card for really likes horses...We have some kickin' equestrian stationery and horse themed greeting cards for you!

Let's jump right in with #12 on our list of equestrian stationery and horse greeting cards...


Equestrian birthday card, horse birthday card, dapple bay horse

12. Equestrian and Horse Birthday Greeting Card
Birthdays are the best aren't they?! Birthdays are even more fun at the barn! Celebrate your horse-lovin' friend with a birthday card fit for a true horse girl. Check out our line of Equestrian Birthday Cards for Horse Lovers here.



Horse christmas cards, equestrian christmas cards , box set of horse christmas cards

11. Equestrian Christmas Cards for Horse Lovers
Ah the holidays! Deck your horses out with jingle bells and holly....but wear your helmet for the Holiday costume contest! Jingle bells are mighty spooky! A favorite for barn Christmas parties and sending holiday greetings to horse lovers worldwide. Match all Hunt Seat Paper Co. equestrian Chrstmas cards with matching horse gift wrap and equestrian stocking stuffers and gift ideas! Take a look at our Equestrian Christmas Collection here.



Equestrian horse baby shower greeting card for horse lovers

10. Equestrian Baby Shower Card
Here's comes baby! This special occasion greeting card works for a human or equine baby...Because yes, horse people have foal baby showers too...It's totally a thing. See Here Comes Baby Equestrian Greeting Card



Equestrian wedding greeting card, horse wedding card, barn wedding greeting card

9. Barn Wedding or Equestrian Bridal Shower Greeting Card
The Hunt Seat Paper Co. Bridle Suite (definitely not a typo) has various equestrian-themed wedding and engagement stationery for horse lovers. The entire Bridle Suite collection is printed on unltra-luxe pearlescent paper stock and paired with a something-blue envelope with hunt cap envelope seals. See the whole Bridle Suite Collection here.



8. Congrats Card for That Equestrian Who Keeps Beating You at the Shows
Sportsmanship is important. Even though most equestrian sports are individual...Equestrians stick together and we have an amazing community of rad horse people! So that girl who always wins....Tell her she's a great rider, but you'll get her next time! 😀 See Congrats greeting cards for horse lovers here



equestrian dressage greeting card for horse lovers

7. Halt + Salute (With Wine!) Dressage Greeting Card
Score a few extra points from the judge when you salute them with a glass of wine in your hand...and absolutely nail your test one-handed. Bonus points for giving the judge a glass too. Salute! This card is sure to get a laugh from the lucky dressage diva who gets this card, because very few things are better than a dressage queen with a wine glass in hand! See Halt + Salute Dressage Equestrian Greeting Card here.



equestrian notecard box set, horse greeting cards boxed set

6. Subtle Equestrian Horse Themed Notecard Box Set
Everyone should have a box set of blank notecard stationery for quick notes of gratitude at a moment's notice. Horses make up so much of our personalities, and we're good at telling anyone who will listen that, "WE REALLY LIKE HORSES!" So remind everyone of that little fun fact, with equestrian themed stationery notecards in your desk drawer. See our horse and equestrian themed box set stationery here.



turquoise jewelry greeting card, cowgirl stationery, western lifestyle greeting card

5. Cowgirl Lifestyle Greeting Cards
Cowgirl vibes are in the building with our Howdy! Western + Everyday Collection of horse themed greeting cards. Western culture, boho cowgirls and the wild, wild west inspired this line of cowgirl and cowboy stationery...and look for matching gift items too! See the entire Howdy! Western + Everyday Collection of greeting cards here.



horse grief greeting card, mourn the loss of a horse

4. Horse Grief Greeting Card
Well, this is always difficult. Our horses are our family, and when one crosses over that rainbow bridge....It is tough to console that loss. Mourning the loss of a horse is NEVER easy, but words of remembrance, love and compassion make it a little easier to cope. See the Condolences Horse Grief Greeting Card here.



equestrian get well soon card, fall off club

3. Equestrian Get Well Soon Card (English and Western Versions!)
All equestrians fall at some point. Sometimes it's a trip off the mounting block...And sometimes...It hurts. But don't worry...Equestrians are a community! When one falls, another is there to dust off their butt and give them a leg up back into the saddle. Next time your barn pal goes splat and has a tough time getting back on....This card with your kind worlds of encouragement can mean more than you'll know. See the Fall Off Club™ Get Well Soon Greeting Cards for both English and Western Riders here.



Best horse trainer greeting card, horse trainer gift, horse trainer thank you card

2. Thank You Greeting Card for Your Horse Trainer
There are plenty of trainers in the world, but you meet that one who molds your very understanding of your sport...you'll remember them forever. So celebrate those trainers in your life who are the perpetual voice in your head, because they're not just the best trainer ever....they're the best trainer EVER. See the Best Horse Trainer Equestrian Greeting Card here.



best barn friend equestrian horse greeting card for horse lovers

1. Barn Friends are the Best Friends
Here is is, our most-favorite, number one equestrian horse greeting card on our list. Barn friends make it fun. Sure, going to the barn and saddling up is the best part about riding horses....But your community of friends and fellow equestrians make it interesting. Celebrate those who keep you coming back for more, who pick up feeding duty when you're out of town, who always have an extra carrot for your horse....You know, we all have those awesome people at our barns! See the Barn Friends Equestrian Greeting Card here.

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