Gift ideas for horse lovers and equestrians, 15 unique gift ideas for people who ride horses

15 Unique Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers: Best Equestrian Gifts

Are you on the hunt for the perfect gift for the horse lover in your life? Look no further! Hunt Seat Paper Co. offers a wide range of exquisite products that are sure to delight any equestrian enthusiast. Whether it's for a birthday, holiday, or just to show your appreciation, our curated selection of horse-themed gifts is guaranteed to make a lasting impression.


Here are 15 unique gift ideas for horse lovers:


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1. Equine Stationery Set: Give the gift of elegance with our beautifully crafted stationery sets and greeting cards featuring fun and unique horse designs. Perfect for handwritten notes to your barn friends who love horse themed gifts.


horse lover gifts ideas, equestrian horse patterned kitchen set with horse napkins, placemats and plates

2. Horse Patterned Kitchen Set: Get the set or mix and match horse patterned napkins, placemats and plates. These make wonderful equestrian hostess gifts!


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3. Equestrian Art Prints: Brighten up their living space with our collection of high-quality equestrian horse art prints with matting...they're frame-ready and a great present for a horse lover.


gift ideas for horse lovers, horse themed frink tumbler for gifting

4. Horse Lover's Tumbler: Start their day off right with a sustainable horse-themed tumbler, perfect for enjoying their morning iced coffee. These eco-friendly tumblers are a great gift for horse lovers.


equestrian weekly planner, gift idea for horse lovers

5. Equestrian Planner: Encourage their creativity and passion for horses with a stylish planner to keep them organized throughout the year. And did we mention, they have horses on them!


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6. Horse Lover's Sponges: I know, a sponge for an equestrian gift idea? These aren't just any sponges, they're cute ones! Many equestrians like to use them on their tack because the back is a soft black terry that won't scratch tack, and the other side has a scrubby texture to get off any grime. Did we mention....They're cute?


equestrian cutting board, horse board for equestrian gift idea

7. Equestrian Cutting Board: Cutting boards make great gift ideas for horse lovers. They are also excellent in an equestrian gift basket! We love these horse-themed cutting boards not only in the kitchen, but also under candles, or as a surface in your bathroom to display that epic skincare set.


equestrian tea towel with horses on it, equestrian gift ideas

8. Horse-themed Tea Towels: Add a touch of horsepower to your kitchen with our equestrian themed tea towels. They also work great as a liner in gift baskets, to gift wrap a bottle of wine, or even make it into a ultra-fancy bow on top of your equestrian present!


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9. Horse Lover's Coloring Book: Inspire their equestrian adventures with a set of fun equestrian themed coloring and activity books. Full of unique horse and rider illustrations to keep them busy for hours.


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10. Equestrian Notepads: Keep their thoughts organized with our range of equestrian-themed notepads, perfect for jotting down reminders and to-do lists.


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11. Horse Lover's Enamel Pins: Add flair to their wardrobe or accessories with our collection of charming enamel pins featuring horses and equestrian themes.

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12. Equestrian Greeting Cards: Show you care with our collection of beautifully designed greeting cards, perfect for any occasion.


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13. Horse Stickers: Who doesn't love stickers? Horse stickers are fun to put on your water bottle for the barn, your Stanley Mug, laptop, phone case, you name it! They are also a fun gift idea for a horse lover on a budget.


equestrian gift wrap paper, gift ideas for horse lovers

14. Equestrian Gift Wrapping Paper: It's not weird to gift your horse loving a friend with rolls of specialty gift wrap. If they're crafty...They will love it! You can use gift wrap for wrapping presents yes, but you can also use them for scrap booking, photo matting, and other fun craft projects!


equestrian and horse themed swedish dishcloths for equestrian gift ideas for horse lovers

15. Horse Lover's Swedish Dishcloth: These are one of those items that you either know what it is...or you don't. If you've not yet discovered the magic of Swedish Dishcloths...They just might change your life! Get them wet and they slightly expand like a sponge, and are the equivalent of 13 rolls of paper towels! They're super absorbent and easy to keep clean. They've become a staple in our kitchen, and they make great gifts for horse lovers and equestrians!

With these unique gift ideas from Hunt Seat Paper Co., you're sure to find the perfect present for the horse lover in your life. From stylish stationery to chic accessories, our products are designed to celebrate their passion for all things equestrian. Shop now and make their day extra special!

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