Top 10 Best Equestrian Christmas Cards for Horse Lovers 2023 Edition

Top 10 Best Equestrian Christmas Cards for Horse Lovers 2023 Edition

Equestrian Style is deeply rooted in tradition, and sending Christmas cards is a tradition worth keeping! And even if you choose to send pretty postcards with a family photo to all your friends and family...You can't forget your horse family!

One of the most popular uses of our equestrian Christmas cards is paying a little gratitude to those who keep your horse in tip-top shape. Thank your trainer for all their support and encouragement. Thank your vet for always being on call, and your farrier for always coming to fix that pulled shoe (again)...Or give your groom a holiday bonus for all his or her hard work around the barn. Let's not forget the barn besties. Leaving a card on their tack trunk, with a little gift from the heart, is always in good sportsmanship.

That said, let's roll down the list of our best equestrian Christmas cards for horse lovers 2023...

woman falling off horse in holiday costume yelling ho! ho! ho! equestrian christmas card

1. Ho! Ho! Ho!

This card is inspired by real-life events, because we keep it real around here. I decked my horse out for a barn holiday costume party and well...May have over done it with the jingle bells. Every step would spook him, until finally, he could take no more. So there I was...screaming across the barn, "ho! ho! ho!" dressed like Santa. Unreal. We figured other equestrians could relate...and they have! The Ho! Ho! Ho! Christmas Card is our top-selling Christmas card *every. single. year.*


eat and be merry christmas card with horse eating christmas tree, equestrian christmas card

2. Eat and be Merry

Coming in at number 2, is our classic Eat and Be Merry Christmas Card. We've run this card every year since 2018 and it's consistently been at the top! We also made a Western Cowgirl Version because we got so many requests!


christmas ornament equestrian christmas card with horse

3. Merry Christmas

These cards are a little fancy. Each Merry Christmas Ornament Card has a removable glitter acrylic Christmas Ornament attached to the front of the card. So this is kind of a gift in its self! We laser cut all these little ornaments and hand-applied them to each card for extra special equestrian gift ideas.


giddy up jingle horse equestrian christmas card with horses and golf cart

4. Giddy Up Jingle Horse

Our newest equestrian holiday card for 2023 is Giddy Up Jingle Horse, and it has a matching gift wrap pattern and a whole set of matching Christmas tree ornaments too! Inspired by holiday horse shows with golf carts zipping around to the clip clop of horse's hooves. This card, as are most of our holiday cards, is available in singles, or in boxed sets of eight!


52 thoroughbreds funny equestrian greeting card for horse person

5. 52 Thoroughbreds

If you have a facebook account and everyone knows you totally love horses....Chances are high you've seen the famous 52 Thoroughbreds post. To freshen your memory, a man passes away and his 52 thoroughbreds will be sent to slaughter if they can't adopt them all. Rest assured, there are no 52 Thoroughbreds in danger, and the post seems to be one of those mysterious social media hoaxes that seem to come back around every other year. It has spread so prolifically, the term "52 Thoroughbreds" has become a funny joke among horse people. So we put it on a Christmas Card, and we also made a Birthday Card Version too. You're welcome.


dashing through the snow jingle bells christmas card for horse lovers

6. Dashing Through The Snow...

Did you know the song Jingle Bells is about horses?! We never really knew the entire song until we looked up the lyrics one day, and it's about riding horses (who sometimes misbehave!) We printed the lyrics to the song on the back of this card so you can sing along with us! Our Dashing Ornament Card has a removable glitter acrylic Christmas tree ornament that comes with the card, so it's extra special.


merry moosemas thug life funny horse christmas card for equestirans

7. Merry Moosemas

A real moose has nothin' on your horse wearing a moose costume. But he's extra, so he's got some snazzy Christmas boots and an nice pony coat too. Don't forget your sunglasses, cuz this horse is stunnin'. Our Merry Moosemas Holiday Card comes in singles, box sets of 8, and also has a Matching Gift Wrapping Paper.


reining cowgirl christmas card for rodeo fans, reining horse christmas card

8. Sliding In

We want to make sure we have something for all the horse girls, so we came out with a few cowgirl Christmas cards in our Howdy! Western + Everyday collection. Reining is always a blast to watch and I bet it's quite the thrill in the saddle. But I'd really like to see someone sliding in with a glass of holiday egg nog and not spill a drop. We made our Sliding In Holiday Card to fulfill our holiday wish list.


western cowgirl christmas card, eat and be merry cowgirl christmas card, country western holiday gift ideas

9. Eat and be Merry Cowgirl

Remember our number two best seller above? Here's the Western Eat and be Merry Christmas Card we were referring to! This cowgirl Christmas card comes in singles or boxed sets of eight, and come with self-sealing envelopes and branded envelope seals!


Santa is a woman, western boho christmas card

10. Santa is a Woman

We all know who reeeaaallly pulls the holidays together. Santa is probably a woman, and she throws one hell of a party. Our western boho-inspired Santa is a Woman Holiday Card features a red-headed wonder woman in her best Telluride fringe ski-suit, riding a reindeer to deliver holiday cheer.


muletide greetings donkey christmas card, mule christmas card

BONUS: Muletide Greetings

We just couldn't leave this guy off the list...He just poked his head through! Our Muletide Greetings Christmas Card came to be after a conversation with a friend over a long road trip. I was trying to think of a fun card for the mule and donkey lovers and she just blurted out, "Muletide Greetings!" And thus, this cute little design came of life. Really...who doesn't just absolutely love donkeys?!


Want to see all of our horse-inspired Christmas + Holiday cards??


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