Best Equestrian Stocking Stuffer Ideas

Best Equestrian Stocking Stuffer Ideas

One of my favorite parts about Christmas morning are the Christmas stockings. On Christmas Eve they'd be empty and limp hanging off our mantle. The next morning, they'd magically be stuffed to the brim and overflowing with fun little gifts from Santa!

Of course, we'd always have an orange, and every year - like clockwork - my mom would say, "back in the day it was very hard to find a fresh orange in December, so if you got one it meant you were very special and someone went to great lengths to get one for you!" As a kid it was "yea, yea, ok mom." Today as an adult...It is very special and meaningful to me, and I continue the tradition by dropping an orange in our stockings every Christmas Eve.

Also a tradition in my family...Horse stuff! My mom always put small horsey items in my stockings like gloves, hairnets, hoof picks and other small things. If Hunt Seat Paper Co. was around when I was a kid...I'd bet you a crisp $100 bill my mom would be sticking Hunt Seat Paper Co. goodies in my stocking every year!

So here's a list of "Things my mom would totally put in my Christmas stocking."


Blue Ribbon winner lapel pin in a gold dish on an emerald green satin background with twinkle lights and christmas ornaments

1. Winner Pony Pin

All of our Pony Pins are small and easy to slip in a stocking on Christmas Eve. But I think my mom would pick the Winner Pony Pin, because she was always reminding me that hard work pays off, and if I want that blue ribbon, I'd better get my butt to the barn and practice! Priced at only $10.95, they're an affordable and special addition to any stocking!


2. Reusable Tack Cleaning Sponges

These little sponges are a super fun addition to any tack trunk. They're scrubby on the front with a soft, black terry cloth back to hide those gimey leather stains. They're soft enough to use on even the butter-iest leather goods, but durable enough to use on your gross, slobbery bits! They're also small and fun, which make them absolutely perfect for your Christmas stockings! Priced at only $9.95, these eco-friendly, biodegradable, machine-washable sponges will be a sure-fire hit! Bundle them together in our Tack Cleaning Sponge Bundle, and save 20%!


100-page notepad for equestrians, with a girl in riding attire kissing the nose of a paint horse.

3. 100-Page Notepads

Our notepads are 5" x 8" and will fit beautifully in any Christmas stocking. They're great for taking to school, keeping on your desk at the office, in the door pocket of your car...and yes, even your tack trunk! Printed and hand-packaged in the USA, they're made with love, and we hope you feel it! We have lots of notepads to choose from, including Dressage Notepads for practicing dressage tests, Memo Pads for making lists, notepads for hunter jumpers, and just anyone crazy about horses. See our entire collection of notepads here!


Equestrian Cheese Boards for barn charcuterie!

4. Equestrian Charcuterie Boards

Another product sized perfectly for a Christmas stocking are our Equestrian Cheese and charcuterie boards! These little boards were inspired by an impromptu barn charcuterie, and the need for something small that would easily fit in a cooler bag. These little boards are perfect for traveling, horse shows, barn picnics, or just a way to jazz up your kitchen counter by putting it on an easel in the corner! We make our boards in-house right here in the USA, so rest assured each board is hand-made with love. This is a wonderful addition for Mom's Christmas stocking....which for some reason is always kind of empty (pay attention here, kiddos!) Shop our Cheese and Cutting Boards here!


assorted equestrian swedish dishcloths for holiday stocking stuffer ideas

5. Swedish Dishcloths

If you aren't familiar with these little miracles, you need to try one! A single Swedish Dishcloth is the equivalent of 13 rolls of paper towels! Seriously! They are biodegradable, reusable, last for months, eco-friendly and oh so cute. Mix and match them with any of our other equestrian kitchen items to make a set. We love these at the barn for cleaning dusty horse faces, and we put one in our barn bathroom for easy sink wipe-downs (and it just looks cute in there!) Affordably priced, colorful and fun...What's not to love about these miracle towels? Shop all nine of our equestrian patterns here!


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