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Best Gift Ideas for Your Horse Trainer

Your horse trainer does it all. They tame your wild steed and mold them into good citizens, they teach you the art of horsemanship, foster good sportsmanship, and inspire you to be better with each and every ride. There are lots of horse trainers in the world, but when you find that one trainer who finally makes it "click" in your head and shapes who you are as a horse person....That horse trainer is worth their weight in gold.

Celebrate the best horse trainer ever with a gift to show your gratitude for all the wisdom, guidance and excellent care they've given you and your equine partner.

If you love to compete, and your trainer is there ringside whispering "more leg" from the sidelines...We suggest showing your trainer they're the real winner for mentoring a blue-ribbon student with our Winner Collection. Get the set with the Swedish Dishtowel, Tea Towel, Reusable Sponge and match it with the Winner Pony Pin and Best Trainer Equestrian Greeting Card.


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If you're trying to keep it simple, organization is always a welcomed help with horse trainers. Give them some cute tools they can use to organize their horses, horseback riding lessons, and well....Keep their lives in order! Horse trainers are busy people, ya know! Hunt Seat Paper Co. has equestrian weekly planners and horse notepads from $9.95 - $17.95, so you can grab them a thoughtful, useful gift with a Best Trainer Greeting Card for under $20! More money for riding lessons! YES! Check out our equestrian notepads and weekly planners here.

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