Celebrate in EqStyle: Equestrian Birthday Cards and Gifts for Horse Lovers

Celebrate in EqStyle: Equestrian Birthday Cards and Gifts for Horse Lovers

Are you searching for the perfect way to celebrate the birthday of a horse enthusiast in your life? Look no further! Whether they spend their days in the saddle or simply have a deep love for all things equine, we've curated a list of equestrian-themed birthday cards and gifts that are sure to delight any horse lover.

Equestrian Birthday Cards:

equestrian horse birthday card

1. Birthday Parade

It's an equestrian birthday parade, just for you! Celebrate your horse-lovin' friend with an equestrian birthday card fit for a true horse girl. This Birthday Parade greeting card features a girl riding a festively adorned dappled grey horse, carrying a flag with happy birthday greetings. Horse greeting cards are always the best ones.

horse birthday card with baby foal

2. Happy Birthday

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Celebrate that special day with glitter hooves and party horns! It's a new trip around the sun, and your spry as a new foal ready to face the world! This classic Happy Birthday card is suitable for any horse lover, because who wouldn't love a baby horsie?!

happy birthday cowgirl western greeting card for birthdays

3. Happy Birthday Cowgirl

Happy Birthday cowgirl. You've made it one more year and that deserves some rodeo flag action in your honor. This birthday card is perfect for those western riders in your life. Barrel racers, western pleasure, reiners, rodeo queens and true blue cowgirls would love this Happy Birthday Cowgirl card on their special day.

funny horse birthday card for horse lovers

4. Pop Art Birthday

For the more artistic equestrian, this colorful Pop Art Birthday card will be sure to bring a smile to their face. And how could we resist the thug life glasses for a touch of saas! That must be a mare!

52 Thoroughbreds birthday card, thoroughbred greeting cards and gifts for horse lovers and equestrians

5. 52 Thoroughbreds

If you know, you know. The 52 Thoroughbreds viral phenomenon takes over social media accounts every year like clockwork, and it's become a running joke within the equestrian world. Depending on how you look at it...52 Thoroughbreds would either be the best birthday gift ever....Or the worst!


Equestrian Birthday Gifts:

equestrian gifts and accessories for birthday

1. Pony Pins

Lapel pins for horse lovers are easy with the Pony Pins from Hunt Seat Paper Co.! Each pin comes individually packaged on a unique card and are the perfect small birthday gift. They also fit great in gift baskets too!

equestrian coloring book for horse lovers

2. Coloring Books

Horse girls are dreaming of horses 24/7. When they can't be at the barn...They're wishing they could be! Give them an equestrian-themed coloring book for their birthday so they can daydream about horses when they're not at the barn! Plus, they're simple to wrap and look great with a pretty bow on top for extra birthday present wrapping points.

equestrian home and kitchen decor gift ideas for horse lovers

3. Home and Kitchen Gifts

Hunt Seat Paper Co. has an extensive collection of home and kitchen gifts for equestrians. From table settings and tea towels, to coaster sets and cutting boards, you'll be sure to find a delightful equestrian gift at any budget. Mix and match (like we equestrians love to do!) and make an equestrian gift basket!


With these equestrian birthday cards and gifts, you can celebrate the special day of the horse lover in your life in style. Whether you opt for a heartfelt birthday card or a thoughtfully chosen gift inspired by the world of horses, your gesture is sure to be appreciated and cherished for years to come. So saddle up and make their birthday a truly memorable occasion!

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