How to Make DIY Bows out of Gift Wrap Scraps

How to Make DIY Bows out of Gift Wrap Scraps

Make sure you make every inch of your fancy equestrian gift wrap last! Use the scraps to mix up your gift wrapping and make bows! You can even use scraps to wrap boxes half and half for a cool two-tone look.

Use our free printable template to trace out the cut lines for your gift wrap scraps and make your very own cute little bows!

You'll need:

  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Double Sided Tape (optional but makes it easier)
  • Scraps of your gift wrap
  • Print out of our free downloadable template (Download it here!)


Scraps of equestrian gift wrapping paper with scissors and roll of tape

 STEP 1:

Get your scraps together! You can mix and match different patterns to make interesting double-sides bows, just use a single print for a simple bow, or even use colored crafting paper for solid colors.


scraps of equestrian gift wrap cut out using our free downloadable DIY bow template


Print out our free downloadable template and use the three pieces as a guide to cut out the shapes on your desired scraps of gift wrap.


pretty bows made using scraps of gift wrap and our doanloadable template

 STEP 3:

Pull the ends of the bow together and secure it with tape on the back. Then secure the button piece around the middle of the bow and tape the ends together on the back. Use double sided tape to stick your finished bow on the ribbon backer...and you're ready to stick it on a prezzie!


finished DIY ribbons secured to presents


Use double-sided tape to stick your finished bow to your prezzie! We hope you have fun making pretty little bows for all your beautiful gifts wrapped with love!


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