Our Favorite Equestrian Christmas Cards

Our Favorite Equestrian Christmas Cards

Finding Christmas cards with horses on them can be challenging. Don't worry, we were born for this! Our equestrian holiday cards are funny and made just for us horse-crazy people who just have to have everything "horsey!" We've even come out with several different Christmas cards with Christmas ornaments included on the front of the card!

Check out our list of our favorite horsey Christmas cards...

The viral facebook post about 52 Throroughbreds has been imortalized forever in our new favorite Christmas Card for Horse Lovers

Need 52 Thoroughbreds? We Know a Guy...

Having a well-meaning friend tag you in a Facebook post that there are 52 Thoroughbreds who need a home...Is kind of a badge of honor. You know the one, that post that's been circling around Facebook for years, saying that 52 Thoroughbreds are in danger and need rescue! By now we all know this post isn't actually real (thankfully!) But having a friend tag you...It means that person thinks you're a total horse expert and will know what to do! The 52 Thoroughbreds viral phenomenon is pretty much legend. So make your barn bud lol by wishing for them to get 52 Thoroughbreds for Christmas with our 52 Thoroughbreds Christmas Card.


Bolting horse dressed up in Christmas holiday attire, with a girl dressed as Santa about to fall off! Funny Horse Christmas card for horse lovers and equestrians

Ho! Ho! Ho! Don't Let the Holidays Get Away From You!

Deck your horses out with jingle bells and holly....but wear your helmet for the Holiday costume contest! Aren't the holidays just the best? This was one of our very first Christmas Cards we made, and it's been a best-seller every year! I guess people can relate to everything about it, because we like to keep it real over here at Hunt Seat Paper Co. This card is based off a real-life event after all (and no, I didn't fall! STUCK IT!) Available as a box set or singles here!


Reining horse sliding in with cowgirl dressed in holiday attire, spilling her egg nog a bit

Just Sliding In...

Every year we get requests for Western-themed Christmas cards, so this year we delivered! Here is one of four of our new Western Christmas Cards, and this one has been a clear best-seller! Those cowgirls sure know how to party, and make a grand entrance at the Holiday Rodeo! Hold on to that egg nog cuz we're sliding in with that holiday cheer! Shop Sliding In, or our other Western-themed Christmas Cards here!


Dashing through the snow christmas card with horse-drawn sleigh christmas tree ornament included

Giddy Up Jingle Horse!

Did you know the "Jingle Bells" song is about horses?! We didn't either! We printed the lyrics to the song on the back of the card so you and your barn pals can carol along at your next barn party! This card also comes with a removable acrylic Christmas tree ornament included! We'd have to say this is one of our favorites, we love the color combinations and traditional vintage holiday feel. Shop the Dashing Holiday Ornament Card here!


Horse christmas card with removeable glittery-gold christmas ornament included, reads Merry Christmas

It's a Card, and a Gift, With a Removable Christmas Ornament

We wanted to think of an extra special way to say Merry Christmas, so we dreamed up these cool Ornament Charm Cards for the holidays! Each greeting card comes with a glittery-gold removable Christmas ornament, with the design still hidden underneath. Cards and ornaments are made in California with love, and we hope you can feel the love when you hold it in your hands and share it with those you love! Shop the Merry Christmas Ornament Card here!


Eat and be merry funny christmas card with horse eating christmas tree

Saving the best for last...

This has been our #1 selling Christmas card every year, hands-down! We always get a good laugh out of people with this one, especially those who say, "Oh yea, my horse would for sure eat the Christmas tree too!" Our Eat + Be Merry Christmas Card comes in a boxed set of eight, or just as singles...including an olive green self-sealing envelope and hunt cap envelope seal. Designed, printed and hand-packaged in the USA, our horse Christmas Cards are a winner every time! Shop our Eat + Be Merry Christmas Card here!


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