Hunt Seat Paper Co. is a small business partner of the National Forest Foundation

Our Pledge

Hunt Seat Paper Co. is a proud small-business partner of the National Forest Foundation

There's nothing quite as good as riding through the Great Outdoors. Nothing but the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, the chirping of birds, and the clippity-clop of your horses hooves on the Earth.

We pledge to help protect the Great Outdoors by donating a portion of our sales every month to the National Forest Foundation. Every dollar plants a tree, and it is our goal to plant 1,000 trees every year.

We also will strive to produce our products from sustainable and biodegradable resources so we can all ride across our Mother Earth for years to come. We promise to do our part to give back what we take from our environment in our mission to supply horse-lovers worldwide with super cute horsey things.

Grab some mane, the outdoors are calling.



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