Top 10 Horse Stickers for your Tumbler, Laptop, Phone Case and More!

Top 10 Horse Stickers for your Tumbler, Laptop, Phone Case and More!

Personalization is my favorite part of getting new accessories. My Stanley tumbler is covered in equestrian stickers, all my reusable water bottles have horse stickers all over, and I save the best ones for my laptop and phone case! I think I could make a cool art installation with all my sticker-covered phone cases I've stashed in a drawer.

Horse crazy people usually have quite the collection of horse stickers. I'm no different! So I put together a collection of my 10 favorite horse stickers from Hunt Seat Paper Co., and why I love them!

Ride Happy good vibes horse sticker for equestrians and horseback riding

1. Ride Happy

If you're into good vibes, then you know the barn is one of your happy places rain or shine. This holographic sticker is not only completely mesmerizing...But reminds me to ride happy, even on my bad days. It's easy to get frustrated at the barn. Maybe your horse is misbehaving, the barn drama is getting you down, or you're just having a crummy day in general. My Ride Happy horse sticker is on my tack trunk lid, so every time I open it up to grab my helmet...I see it, and it changes my vibe to "Oh happy day!"

Fall off club equestrian horse sticker for falling off and getting back on! Equstrian encouragement gift

2. Fall Off Club

They say that you learn the best lessons through failure. I can attest that it is true, for me at least. Falling off your horse can be scary, and there are plenty of people who have had life-altering experiences from a nasty fall. Some falls can be funny, like not paying attention and just sliding off (I've done that for sure). And some falls can be because you did something wrong....That you won't do again! Every fall makes you better, stronger, smarter, and more brave. So if you've taken a tumble, welcome to the club. This Fall Off Club equestrian sticker is for those who didn't stick it...But will next time!

helmet ribbon sticker for equestrians

3. Helmet Ribbon

If you've been riding for decades...You know exactly what this is! The old velvet helmets of yesteryear may not hold the same safety standards of today's equestrian riding helmets...But they had iconic style that are a staple in equestrian style. The old velvet helmets had a bow on the back with the tails pointing up, which had an interesting meaning that is little known to those who aren't part of the fox hunting culture. On the hunt field, the Master of the Hounds (the one in charge!) would turn his or her ribbon with the tails pointing down, so you knew to follow them. Everyone else would ride with the ribbons up. There's a fun fact for your next equestrian trivia game!

4. Magical Pony Sticker

Horses and ponies are pure magic. Their eyes sparkle and melt you into putty, admit it. If you're looking for a horse sticker to delight the equestrian in your life...Then you've found it. There is no better horse sticker than a sticker of an actual horse! This Magical Pony sticker is our favorite pick for water bottle stickers because it's the perfect size, and oh so cute!

5. Thug Life Horse

Thug Life animals are one of my most favorite videos from social media. Remember Vine? Those were my favorite and always made me lol. Vine was still alive when Hunt Seat Paper Co. was founded, and the thug life horse is what put them on the map. So even though the Thug Life videos aren't viral like they used to be....We remember....And Thug Life Horse will ALWAYS be our favorite horse sticker!

equestrian horse sticker for horse lovers

6. Summer Dreamin'

Depending on what coast you live on...The sunny horse show circuits in Southern California and Florida are iconic among equestrians. There's nothing better than fancy show horses and palm trees on a sunny day. Those summer vibes are what inspired this cute Summer Dreamin' horse sticker for equestrians...With stunner shades and the view of a jump course. Some say rose colored glasses...we say hunter course glasses!

i love horses horse sticker for equestrians and horse lovers.

7. I Love Horses

Scream it from the rooftop, "I love horses!!!" This horse sticker is unique because of it's length, it's 5 inches long! It's awesome to wrap around your barn water bottle, and looks awesome above the keyboard on your laptop! We love this I Love Horses horse sticker for it's many placement options, and any equestrian would adore it.

I Love Ponies horse sticker for stanley cups

8. I Love Ponies

More of a pony lover? No worries, there's an I Love Ponies equestrian sticker too! Here you can see the true scale of it on our Stanley cup!

funny horse sticker for equestrians with a horse getting abducted by aliens in ufo.

9. Abduction

This explains why your horse is weird. Their not spooking at their's aliens. If you're a little off-the-wall and like the funky side of life, this Abduction horse sticker is the one for you! Horses and UFOs, yes please!

weird horse girl equestrian sticker for horse lovers

10. Weird Horse Girl

You can't deny it, you're a weird horse girl. It's OK, you're among your kind here. We love this Weird Horse Girl equestrian sticker because,'s weird, and we're weird! We also love the pink hair and punk rock vibe this equestrian has, and the quote from Sid Viscous, "It's not really our problem if they think we're weird," says it all!


BONUS: Bundle and Save!

Get the Equestrian Sticker Bundle and get seven stickers for 20% off! Use them all together to cover your water bottle or laptop, split them up among your favorite things, or make someone's day and give them as a fun little gift!

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