Equestrian Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas for Horse Lovers

Equestrian Holiday Gift Wrap Ideas for Horse Lovers

The most perfect gift wrapping takes an average gift, and makes it special. The more time you put into it, the more sentimental and personalized it becomes.

We're big fans of fancy gift wrapping (obviously) so we put together some of our favorite gift wrap ideas to help you wrap the most beautiful Christmas presents this year!

A bottle of wine wrapped in an equestrian tea towel with a red ribbon on a festive red satin background with lights and chrstmas ornaments

1. Think Outside the Box

Sometimes gifts have a weird shape and don't come in a box. Those are curve balls when you're trying to think of a way to wrap it! But remember that unconventional gifts can be wrapped in unconventional ways! Use one of our Equestrian Tea Towels with a big red bow to gift a bottle of wine, candle, set of stirrup irons....literally anything...even a box! Not only will it have a beautiful presentation, but the Tea Towel becomes part of the gift! Bonus!

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A Christmas present wrapped with our Cream Bits gift wrap for equestrians, with a paper bow made out of scraps of our Lucky gift wrap set.

2. Mix + Match Gift Wrap and Use Scraps to Make Bows

Make every inch of your beautiful equestrian gift wrap last! Use the scraps to mix it up a bit and make your own bows! You can check out our How To Make Gift Wrap Bow From Scraps, and download a free printable template here! Once you start going, you won't be able to stop, it's way too much fun. You'll definitely wow whoever you're gifting when they ask you, "DID YOU MAKE THAT?!" You will feel super cool like Martha Stewart.

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Set of english riding spurs used as a bow on a wrapped christmas present with lucky horse shoe grift wrapping paper for horse lovers

3. Use Part of the Gift for the Gift Wrapping

Going back to thinking outside the box...Sometimes it's extra special to use part of your gift as a garnish on your gift wrapping. Spurs, bits, even a new pair of gloves can be used to make a snazzy presentation and make your gift more personalized. Not to mention, it just looks luxe under your tree!

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 Tack cleaning bucket filled with equestrian gift ideas for horse lovers, make a gift bucket for your barn pals this holiday

4. Make a Gift Horse Bucket

Everything has a use, down to the bucket! Horse people can NEVER have enough buckets...So gift your favorite equestrian just one more bucket...But fill it with fun stuff for the ultimate gift basket for horse lovers! Throw in a bottle of wine, and some of our favorite equestrian kitchen and home products and small gift items to make a customized and useful gift this Christmas.

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