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Equestrian Mother's Day Gift Guide - Horse Gift Ideas

Mom's rule! If you have one of these moms...or you just know your mom is the best, AND she loves horses? Well put your heels down, because we're putting together a fun little gift guide with ideas to make your horse-lovin' mamma swoon.


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Kitchen Bundle

I know the saying is don't ever get mom a laundry basket, vacuum, blender or other chore-related accessory for any special occasion. (However, for the record, I would take a new Dyson or Vitamix any day of the week.) But I think horse-themed kitchen decor accessories are always welcome gifts. They're practical...But fun and unique. There's nothing out there like Hunt Seat Paper Co. (we've looked!) so you can be sure that your gift will be far from basic.

We have lots of gift bundles to choose from, and even have customizable bundles where you can mix and match your gift bundle and save 20%.


double sided dressage hunter jumper cutting board, equestrian gift ideas

Double-Sided Dressage + Jump Course Bamboo Cutting Board

Keeping with the kitchen theme...This double-sided cutting board has been a best-seller and top gift item for us. Everyone loves it (yay!) It is engraved on both sides, so you can change disciplines with a flick of the wrist! It's made of sustainable and eco-friendly bamboo, so it's environmentally friendly (double yay!)

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Pony Pins

Your mom is a real winner. She's out there making sure you have everything you need to bring home those blue ribbons...So she should get one too. (Shop the Winner Pony Pin) It's small, but mighty. Gift it with a meaningful message written in our Horse Show Mom Greeting Card...And your mom is going to love it, promise.


Equestrian Memo Pad for horse lovers, grocery list notepad

Organization + Mom Notes

My mom would leave me notes a lot to remind me of things. Some of them I've even kept (There are some funny one's let me tell you.) She also had a busy schedule, and still somehow cooked us dinner every night. Notepads...My mom loves notepads. Grocery lists, schedules, messages, and quick math equations (you know, horse budgeting...)

Long story short, moms love notepads, and we have a bunch. Check them out!

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 A wine bottle wrapped in a tea towel with ribbon


If you're like me, your mom is tired. You ran her ragged as a kid (oh and the teenage years) and now she gets to relax a little. I think it's safe to say, lots of moms would gladly accept a bottle of wine as a sign of gratitude for not killing you when you were a 14-year-old know-it-all. Better yet, share it with her and spend some time together. But please, please....Do not give it to her in a brown paper bag. You've got to make it pretty!

We recommend wrapping the bottle in one of our Tea Towels and cinching it with a pretty bow. It's easy to do, looks super cute, and is sustainable too! best part, you can use the Tea Towel to clean up after you and your mom have one too many.

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Don't Forget the Card

Moms love cards. Material things are meaningless when compared to authentic, genuine love. If you do anything for your barn mom this Mother's Day, do this...Write her a card.

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