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Howdy! Swedish Dishcloth

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These biodegradable Swedish Dishcloths are equal to 13 rolls of paper towels! They are reusable, last for months, eco-friendly and oh so cute.

Pair it with our matching Howdy! Greeting Card, Notepad and Pony Pin.

What is a Swedish Dishcloth? Just add water!

Swedish Dishcloths are eco-friendly alternatives to sponges and paper towels. They are made of cotton and wood pulp and designed to be super absorbent. When dry, they are stiff like cardboard. But get them wet and watch them expand into little cleaning miracles. Both sides of our Swedish Dishcloths are textured with grooves for scrubbing like a sponge and soaking up messes like a paper towel. Then just rinse your Swedish Dishcloth clean in the sink, wring it out, and store it flat for another day.

Reusable for months, and biodegradable when it's ready to dispose of. Save a paper towel, ride a Swedish

Tagged with label and barcode sticker.

Tagged with label and barcode sticker.