Galloping into the Holidays: Equestrian Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday 2023

Galloping into the Holidays: Equestrian Gift Ideas for Horse Lovers on Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday 2023

The holiday season is upon us, and for equestrian enthusiasts, it's not just about decking the halls with boughs of holly – it's about celebrating their love for horses in every festive way possible.
Whether you're a rider, horse owner, or simply an admirer of equines, Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday in 2023 are the perfect opportunities to find unique equestrian-themed gifts that will make this holiday season extra special.
Let's explore some delightful equestrian gift ideas, from equestrian Christmas cards to home decor, that will surely bring a smile to the horse lover in your life.


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1. Equestrian Christmas Cards:

Kickstart the holiday season by sending warm wishes with equestrian Christmas cards. These cards are the perfect way to spread equestrian cheer to friends and family. You can also use our collection of equestrian holiday cards to send thanks and gratitude to the equine professionals in your life. Don't forget to gift your horse trainer, farrier, vet, equine chiropractor, grooms, barn employees...all the people who keep your horse in tip-top shape all year long.



2. Holiday Gift Wrap with Horses:

Turn your gift-giving into an equestrian-themed experience by wrapping presents in holiday gift wrap adorned with horses. From elegant stallions to charming ponies, our horse-themed wrapping paper adds a unique touch to your presents, making them stand out under the tree. Need some ideas for how to wrap a gift? Check out some of our other posts with equestrian gift wrap ideas, how to make a bow out of gift wrap, and the best equestrian gift wrap for 2023!



3. Horse Christmas Ornaments:

Decking the halls wouldn't be complete without equestrian-themed Christmas ornaments. Find exquisite horse-shaped ornaments crafted by hand in our little studio. These ornaments can be hung on the tree or displayed around the home, adding an equestrian touch to your holiday decor. We made a stirrup iron photo ornament you can put a photo of you and your horse in, and matched ornaments to our gift wrap and Christmas card collection so you can be matchy-matchy! We match our saddle pads and our polos...So why not match our gifts too!



4. Stockings for Barn Stall Doors:

Horses deserve to get in on the holiday fun too! Consider our small-but-mighty stockings designed specifically for barn stall doors. Each stocking is 12" long, so it's the perfect size to fill with horse treats, grooming supplies, or even a few special carrots to give your equine friend a taste of the holiday spirit. We also designed a special pocket on the front for a gift card to your local tack shop!



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5. Equestrian Stocking Stuffer Ideas:

Fill those stockings with thoughtful equestrian-themed goodies. Some great stocking stuffer ideas include:

  • Cool Tack Sponges: We designed a line of equestrian themed sponges that work well for your tack, and also in your kitchen (not the same on, of course!) With fun patterns on the front like saddles, bit and boots and a black terry cloth back, these sponges are cute and versatile. Plus they're made of bamboo fiber so they're naturally antimicrobial! Shop them all here!
  • Equestrian-themed planners: Keep your horse life and your real life organized with a touch of equestrian style. Our weekly desk planners are cute and practical gifts for any horse owner. Also a perfect gift to help bring in the new year...New year, new you! Shop Planners here!
  • Pony Pins: Collectible lapel pins for horse girls! We love seeing all the photos from people putting our horse lapel pins on their backpacks, gear bags, tote bags, jackets and collars! Equestrian flair has never been more fun! Shop our collection of Pony Pins here!
  • Horse Stickers: Stickers are a great low-cost stocking stuffer that are a budget-friendly way to help personalize water bottles, laptops, phone cases and more! I kind of think stickers are a fabulous gift all year round, but they are definitely the perfect small gift item stocking stuffer! Shop our horse stickers here!



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6. Equestrian Home Decor Gifts:

Transform your living space into an equestrian wonderland with home decor gifts. Here are some ideas:


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7. Support Small Businesses:

As you shop for these delightful equestrian gifts, remember the significance of Small Business Saturday. Many small equestrian boutiques and artisans offer unique, handcrafted items that you won't find in larger retail stores. Supporting these small businesses not only helps them thrive but also ensures you're giving a one-of-a-kind gift. And if you choose not to shop online this Small Business Saturday, we hope you'll shop our products in your local tack shop!

This Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, let your love for horses shine through in your holiday celebrations. Whether you're giving equestrian Christmas cards, decking the halls with horse ornaments, or adding equestrian flair to your home decor, there are endless ways to celebrate the season with fellow horse enthusiasts. Happy holidays and happy horse-inspired shopping!


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